Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#bigtime #strangeweather #wtf?

I got the sheet music for Big Time from eBay, arrived this morning.  Even the "Birmingham Library DISCARD" on the G of BIG can't spoil its cover.  And the music is something to shoot for one day.  But Strange Weather didn't look too difficult on the page, so I thought I'd give at least RH a go...  Until I get to the first two bars.

I mean, those two chords don't look too difficult, do they?  Until you try to play the buggers.  With RH.  Be quite easy with LH, but on RH, the second chord means 2 on the G#, 1 underneath on the B, and poor wee 5 on the E.  If I've even read it right, I get a bit lost that far south of the staff.

This might be stretching DIY piano learning a touch too far, and I'm likely going to need a teacher before I get as far as Tom Waits. Blimey.