Sunday, May 26, 2013

#lilliburlero Day 20-something #nearlythere

Playing it right through, without mistakes, (though still not at the right tempo), gives a definite endorphin buzz, albeit a mild one, not a rush in any sense.  It's a bit addictive.  Tonight at past 12 I'm wishing I had a piano somewhere out of everyone's earshot where I could have another hour or so at it.

Nearly there. Couple of sticky notes. At bar 5, RH goes to The C, and LH to the E below, and I hesitate almost every time - it's getting better, but every other run through there's that feeling of stepping out over a cliff, and not knowing where I'm going for a second, less, but too long.

Apart from that, the first 8 bars, (repeated once, therefore first 16) is memorized/internalized/wtf, and the second part, with all the activity around G is almost there. I've stopped looking at the music, (except as a reference, for example to explain the bar 5 situation).