Monday, May 13, 2013

#lilliburlero I'm going to call it Day 15

Pretty well got the first 8 bars, (which of course repeat, so that's the first 16) but still rather slow.  Moved on tonight to bars 17-20, which are great fun: whilst RH is doing it's little wander at C4 and down to G, LH is going note-for-note from C2 to G, and then back down to F. Lovely. Fairly easy, too.  

I made a little foray in to the remaining 12 bars. Another couple of hours should get the whole tune into memory, and then it's just a case of Play It Again, and Again, and Again... until I get it to the BBC speed of (I think) ♩ = 126.  

And then.  I'll have climbed the first foothill to its peak.  Just another week or two away.  And then.  I can go into any piano shop, any University refectory or hotel lobby (which have a piano, of course, and many do), anywhere in the world, and play Lilliburlero, which, surely, almost everyone in the world will have heard on the wireless.  And then, I'm a piano player, albeit with a repertoire of only one tune.  

Meanwhile, the tune's driving Herself potty, she can't stop humming it. I've not solicited the views of the neighbours.