Saturday, May 18, 2013

#Lilliburlero Day 19?

I should have it all memorized this weekend.  Had a really good practice yesterday getting from bar 17 to 28, and now there's only 25-28 still a bit fuzzy.  I've found that I need to play it through RH a couple of times  because playing 2H seems to mash-up memory of RH a bit.  And also sometimes do a few octaves of 2H Hanons to get the fingers working together, (Hanons are good for THAT, at least).  

As I memorize Lilliburlero I've been thinking about Rusbridger's Play It Again, and the problems caused by his excellent sight reading which led to difficulties of memorization.  This feels like a fundamental difference in approach between people who love serious/"classical" music, and those who love playing around with jazz/folk and anything else.  For the former, often great sight reading is combined with a reverence for the music as passed down on paper from the composer.  For the latter, the sheet music is a point of departure: follow the melody if you want, but the rest is there to be played with.