Friday, May 31, 2013

#hanschenklein - Unfinished Business

I've had Hanschen Klein (aka Lightly Row) plink plonking away in my head for nearly three years now, on-and-off.  And I need to deal with Wee Hans this summer.

I'd learned to play it, kind of, on the midi keyboard in 2010 with the PSP software.  And then I was working in Roehampton University that summer, and that was my first attempt to play on a real acoustic piano.  It was pitiful.  People kept coming in to the room to see What Was Happening? and Was I Alright?

I can't remember the sequence of events exactly, but I got discouraged and gave up practicing a few months later, and something tells me Wee Hans was at the root of that. Whatever, I need to get it learned (after #jollygoodfellow).