Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#iGrand: digital #Hanonexercises

Got this last night - £13.99, - and had a go before I went to bed.  It's pretty straightforward: eight "acoustic" pianos, plus metronome if you want it, and some other tweaks on volume, "ambience" etc.  The sound, with headphones, is very impressive.  The sound from the app, that is, I'm still with room for improvement: single handed Hanons are ok, velocity is getting more even across the the five fingers.  

But the two hands are not synching exactly, and it can sound awful.  The good thing about using the Samson with the app and headphones is that you can hear the notes with merciless clarity.  So that's cool.  The Samson had been gathering dust for a week since the Kemble arrived, but it's definitely got a role (apart from travelling) in checking precision.  The weight is quite different, the keys feel very springy after the Kemble - but that's ok, I want to get used to as wide a variety of keyboards as possible.  

That merciless electronic clarity was yet another reminder that I've only just begun, and there are several mountains still to climb.  Well, a whole bloody range of mountains, actually.  So now I'm thinking it might be a couple of months of almost exclusively Hanon 1 and 2 before I get the two hands working exactly together and quite quickly.  Interspersed with the odd bits of simple music by way of light relief.  Then I can move onto Scales, working from the sheet music.  THEN, some time this summer, start on the Grade 1 pieces.  At no point will my old mate M. Hanon be abandoned.