Monday, March 18, 2013

A dip into doodling

Got about 20 minutes on the Kemble yesterday, and then an hour on the Samson before  bed. Hanons of course, and doodling clumsily around No.2, which was interesting. Finished by starting the first bar of Star Dust, which brought me up against A fingering problem for the first time. 

Almost no practice today, a bloody work day, likely to be the first difficult day of a fortnight of them, as I go hell for leather to finish what's likely to be my last meaningful project before I start working notice and getting ready for something else. Hoping that the next workplace, whichever one of the current contenders it turns out to be, has an auld Joanna to hand. Which thought made me wonder why we pronounce it to rhyme with that lady's name in Geordie?