Friday, March 01, 2013

Chords and Up and Doon

Last night was the C, F and G chords in C major, and inverting them.  And trying similar things with LH. And then, because I'm looking at that Kemble, Saturday, I spent time going up and down the keyboard, up and down, up and down...  And at different velocities. And wondering how all of this will go on a proper piano.  It was very interesting, and encouraging, that the practicing I'd done back in 2010 had not been wasted: I mean, I felt able to find my way about the keyboard, for example doing a scale with fingers 1-2-3-4-5... and bringing the thumb underneath to finish the octave almost seamlessly ...1-2-3.

Couple of things: I've always worried that playing LH and RH together would be near impossible for a recovering dyspraxic, but playing the C major chords, the LH found the root apparently of its own accord.  The other thing, is that it looks likely now that this is going to be a much more analog process than I'd envisaged, with most of the learning done on the real keyboard, with music on paper in front of me.  I'll probably find a role for apps like Synthesia, but it occured to me last night that its concentration on single notes is because it's designed for kids with their wee hands unable to do chords.