Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a "lazy incompetent narcissist obsessed only with self-promotion"

Of course, it's funny when Tories fall out with one another, but this dispute between Michael Gove's henchmen and some unknown unfortunate called Loughton is hilarious.  The sentence allegedly given to the Spectator by said henchmen smacked me between the eyes this morning, mainly because I'm spending most waking moments editing text.  

What's an "incompetent narcissist"?  A very vain person who has mismanaged life so badly they don't have any mirrors at home? Or, stopping to admire their shop-window reflected image, realize their hair is somewhat disarrayed, and...  bugger, they've misplaced the comb.  Narcissists really need to be on the ball, you know.  

And we can take some comfort that he's only obsessed with self-promotion, I suppose.  Imagine if he'd been obsessed with something else, too - trainspotting say.  He'd have his work cut out, standing on the end of the station platform, noting down the numbers of trains going by, and then tweeting all about it, in such a way as to put himself in a favourable light.  But it's ok, because it's only self-promotion, he can focus on that.  

Did the people in Gove's inner circle go to expensive schools?  And did they get into politics via journalism?  Makes you wonder.  There he is Secretary of State for Education, having  people who can't write paid out of our taxes.  Lovely.