Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#1936Kemble - Getting to Know You

I had a couple of wee two handed Hanon 2s during the day.  Then sat down this evening for a proper practice.  Went very slow with two hands on Hanon 2, and made less mistakes, but it didn't always sound right.  Then I went alternate hands on Hanon 1 and then 2, left pedal, striking the keys as quietly, but as consistently as possible.

It took a lot of concentration - what I noticed was that because you've got to work fingers 3&4, the one which follows be it 2 or 5, will strike the key too hard.  Also, maybe Mrs Kemble isn't the most sensitive of pianos - though I don't know that, being almost a real piano virgin until she arrived in my life.  I'll have to saunter into a piano shop and give a Steinway the benefit of my Hanon exercises when I get the chance, see how something expensive feels by comparison.

Anyway, after half an hour, and I don't know how many trips up and down the keyboard, I was kind of getting there, each not being about the same velocity - well, it was starting to come together.  The next practice - during the day when the neighbours are out at their work - I'll try the same again, fortissimo this time.  Learning the meaning of expressiveness.  Life with a harpsichord would be simpler, but probably not so much fun in the longer term.

I'm looking at getting the iGrand app for the iPad, so I can practice with the Samson when it's late so I can put on the headphones and not annoy the neighbours.  Also, I'll likely be travelling again at some point in the future, and I'll want to have it with me.  Funny, how I thought the Samson and Synthesia were the bees knees before Mrs Kemble came along. Be interesting to go back to Sythesia after all the Hanons, see if it's any easier.