Saturday, March 09, 2013


I've had a good couple of hours practice this afternoon.  It seems unreal that it's only a week since we went to look at the Kemble, and that it only arrived on Wednesday, it's like a member of the family already.

Anyway, I warmed up on Hanon No.1, and then gave 2 a try.  I had a look at Mr Ron's video on it, but didn't find him very clear on the turn-around to go back down the keyboard.  The man at was much more translucent.  I eventually got to playing it up and down, with both hands, albeit slowly.  I'm picking up speed on No.1, and getting more precise.

In the sheet music which came with the piano stool there's a kids' piano beginner book, and The Bairn fastened onto "A Scottish Dance", so I gave it a go as my first sight reading exercise, as it was a tune which I didn't know from the title.  I did it bar by bar, RH first and then LH.

After five bars, I was able to put it together and - woohoo! - a wee tune that did indeed sound distinctly Scottish.  It was a rush, to decode music from the page for the first time ever.  Herself says she recognizes the tune, maybe from school, though I don't. There are a couple of lines of it, and I've got half of the first one.  I'll get the rest in the next few days.  I kept playing those first five bars over and over, it was addictive.

I dreamt the other night that I was beginning to climb a huge red sandstone slope.  I knew that when I got to the top there'd be miles of uplands - moors and hills - to cross before I got to the pleasant village at my destination.  I don't know what the village was called, but it may as well have been "Grade 8", the meaning couldn't have been clearer: I'm just starting and there's a huge distance to travel.