Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peyote: A Rethink

I blogged here, a few weeks ago, that I was going to start again with the peyote.  I had a look at my surviving plants last night.  One of them is nearly an inch across.  Three are just over half an inch.  One is a quarter of an inch.  Two are less than a quarter of an inch, shrivelled, and look fit to die.  I had put four of them into a 7" pot, and three into another.  The one which is an inch across has managed to put a big tap root down, and was getting enough water.  The others, especially the two runts, clearly weren't.  So, multiple planting is NOT a good idea.  I potted them all back each into wee pots, and gave them a good drink.  I'll watch them all more closely from now on.

And I thought about buying more seeds, maybe 40, but we really don't have the windowsill space for any more, so I'll stick to these - maybe supplement them with one or two adults bought in, and maybe I'll start getting my own seeds.  Anyway round, I'm still several years away from the doors of perception.  These plants will be six years old this year, and I'm thinking they'll go the decade before they're ready.