Saturday, April 03, 2010


Fre-re Jac-que, Fre-re Jac-que... Dormez-vouz?  Dormez-vouz?

What I learned yesterday is: you cannot run the PSP learning software at the same time as the KeyRig 49's own software, duh. Only one of them can use the midi at once.  In fact, I won't be using the KeyRig software again for ages, so I can solve its problems, (the alleged lack of certificate and its defaulting to the sound of a particularly low rent electric organ) much later.  The PSP is its own midi software for the keyboard, and will hear it as any one of 128 (is it?) musical instruments - so I'm back to playing on a concert grand piano, for now.

And so, at last, I got started on the theory lessons,  how to sit, and hold one's hand.  The PSP software is doing what I wanted of it, once we got started, that is, giving interactive graphics of the music and the keyboard as you play.  Sorted.  The only downside is that instruction is given by those American actors' voices that we associate with rather frightening technological dystopias.  That apart, it's fine.  Good Friday 2010, was the day I started my musical education.