Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peyote: The Next Generation

I sowed 25 peyote seeds back in 2004.  We've had a lot of house moves since then, and I've been away a lot, but even with those excuses in mind, I could have done better.  I ended up with seven semi-mature ones, and put them in two pots, three in one, four in t'other. In the pot of three, one of them is doing very well, at last, and is growing over an inch above ground, and is nearly as fat.  The two others in that pot have pulled down their tops level with the soil, which is what they seem to do as they strive to put down a tap root.  Of the other pot, one has certainly died, another is on its way out, and the other two may pull through.   So I might end up with five grown-up buttons sometime in the next year or so.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have another go.  I've been looking out for a good deal on some seeds:

Magic Garden do 20 seeds for €3.55, though you have to spend at least five Euros with them, AND they charge €4 for p&p.

Pot Seeds are doing 20 seeds for £9.95, no p&p.

Magic Plants doesn't sell seeds but the link is interesting to see the price of mature plants, and for the information in their wee video.

Kadas' Garden does 100 seeds for $10, but their order form is a pain in the arse, (when I clicked on "send", it had my system beginning to configure MS Outlook.  Hello?  I've emailed them to see what to do next, because that feels like a good deal.

Spirit Garden are doing 100 seeds for £25 plus £3.25 p&p.

Earth Alchemy do 100 seeds for $77 Australian, plus another $5 p&p.

Greenflyexotics want £4.38 for ten seeds, no p&

Magic Cactus do 100 seeds for $25.  I haven;t got as far as p&p with them.

There are probably more sellers if I dig deeper, but that's enough to be going on with. Kadas' Garden looks my best bet, and I'll see what they say in response to my email.  Patience is the key, here.  One needs to be a very low temperature Head to grow and use peyote.