Thursday, April 01, 2010

Learning To Play The Piano VIII

The keyboard arrived yesterday morning via some kind of courier, and the software this morning in the post.  Which is cool as I ordered them online last weekend.

Last night, sans the learning software, I had a look at online videos regarding hand position (there are lots).  They were of variable quality, and sometimes difficult to make your way through sequentially, and I would like to go back to them and maybe review them if/when I get time. Yesterday evening was me playing C D E F G with my right hand, and sometimes G F E D C for variety.  It's going to take a surprising amount of effort to get the four non-operating digits to stay still whilst their wee pal does the work of the moment.

On the technical side, the software, (including a Vista update) took nearly an hour to load.  And there's a very distracting wee crackle from somewhere.  Something made me think it might be some sort of conflict, so I went into the audio settings on the laptop for a shufty, and accidentally disabled the audio drivers.  There's no easy way to get them back, apparently, than a restore, which I've just done at the cost of losing the KeyRig Vista update...  So I need to do that now, and then return to the annoying wee crackle problem.  I haven't had any time yet to load the Piano Suite Premier software.  And the KeyRig software interface is very technical  - I've got a lot of learning to do there, too.