Thursday, April 22, 2010

LTPTP XXII: Every Good Boy Deserves Food

WTF is all this, I said to myself.  I do remember, at some point in the late 60s, it would have been, my sister talking about Every Good Boy Deserves Food.  Something she'd got from her music lessons at school, something which had passed me by when I went through the same class a couple of years earlier.  I don't know how she got this far, and I didn't.  The only thing I remember about those classes was their utter lack of music - there was some rather shameful fingering of a keyboard made from card.  The classroom was half full of musical instruments, which woe-betide anyone if they tried to have a go.

Forty years later, however, I've returned in happier circs to these deserving wee boys.  Here are some of the other EGBDF mnemonics. I'm probably going to have to find one of my own.  And also invest all of the tones with personality as I try to process their sounds with their places on the staff and on the keyboard.  This is it, kids.  This is where the work starts.