Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"...we are in an urgent situation, and the consequences will grow worse each day if we do not act."

So says that much respected man, with a marvelous history of far-sighted truthfulness, George Bush. The people in America can be confident that he's not trying to bullshit them in order to get astronomical sums of money to cover up the greed of his pals in Wall St.

I mean, these are really unusual times - normally, US governments take a sink-or-swim attitude to big business, don't they?

And most of those Congressmen who voted against this, were, scandalously, merely concerned to save their own arses, and not get kicked out in the approaching elections because of course their electors are banging on their doors demanding that they listen: ordinary people do not want their money being used to bail out fat-necked, charlie-snorting, mega-rich suits.

It's a desperate state of affairs - these so-called legislators are actually doing what the people they represent want them to do! How selfish!