Thursday, October 09, 2008

leica iiif 1st roll 21

leica iiif 1st roll 21

I've put a roll of Fuji 800 Superia through the Leica to see how it goes. The results are spoilt more than somewhat by, I think, an incredible dirty scanner.

However, they do show that the rangefinder is pretty accurate, pretty close up. (This is as it was taken, just the tiniest auto-tweak in PS). Mind you, her face is out of focus - I think perhaps I focused the rangefinder on her left shoulder, as he area of highest contrast in poor light. Goes to show, you need to be sure what you want in the field if it's got a fairly narrow depth.

I put a scabby roll of Kodak through it tonight to test all of the shutter speeds. I'll get it dev'd just to check them, and as part of my aperture + film/shutter speed intuition training.

And now it's loaded with a roll of Fuji Neopan 1600, which should complete the trial period. Thereafter, I've got several rolls of Ilford Delta at various speeds, and litre of Perceptol still unmade-up.

What larks!