Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

The consensus seems to be, we're going to have a recession. One feels now that it will come about, even if it has been a self fulfilling prophecy, another one of the Invisible Hand's mysterious interventions in history. The likelihood is that unemployment will get much worse.

If you're over forty you can remember high unemployment in the 80s under Thatcher. It wasn't much fun, I can tell you. Lots of nastiness comes to the surface. Racism, for example, with mutters of "coming here and taking our jobs".

The new Immigration Minister and accomplished arse-kisser Phil Woolas has decided to stay ahead of the game by linking unemployment and immigration at this early stage. How does a cunt like that get a job like that? I mean, you wouldn't leave a child in charge of a paint factory would you? And give him a box of matches to play with?