Sunday, October 05, 2008

The difference between tragedy and farce, of course, is that the latter is usually funny. So I suppose the only way for a Newcastle fan to avoid climbing into the airing cupboard and curling into a foetal ball, is to have a laugh.

Now Kinnear finds the press "sickening", which is surprising, as he's done so much to keep them on board. And it gets even crazier.

In fastening onto Barton as a potential saviour, he begins to look like one socially inadequate twat finding he has a lot in common with another socially inadequate twat. Calling a journalist "a cunt", and hitting people at work or during a night out are just examples of the same sort of behaviour.

We've no doubt all wanted to get vocative with the C word - especially at work. And have fantasized about sticking one on an annoying bastard. But most of us have a safety barrier between thought and deed. Even Paulie Walnuts, right, would regard such behaviour as unprofessional and unacceptable.

In keeping with the comedy, the pic above is Kinnear trying to do a Paulie Walnuts gesture, and, of course, he's making an arse of it.

As funny as this is, let's hope it ends soon, that Ashley succeeds in selling the club to someone who knows enough about football to get Keegan back and leave him to get on with the job. And then we can get on with the football and leave the comedy alone.

The only comfort is, we're not a crap as Spurs, and we've got more excuses.