Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wendy, I'm home!

That's how I felt when I got started on CDA at the Mitchell yesterday. Module 5 should be a doddle: this is the sort of thing I'd read about in my free time anyway.

The Mitch
ell is great for quiet study too - quiet but not la-di-da. And all the reference books you'd ever need. I had the laptop, and I think there's wi-fi there, but yesterday I was happy just to read through the material Leicester had sent me, try to get my head into the basics.

I'm already thinking ahead to the assignment though. Two 2500 word p
apers are expected, but I can and probably will ask to do a single 5000 word one.

And what I'd do is, analysis of political discourse about Cannabis Legalization. This debate has broken out again this morning. Perhaps do a very detailed bit of research onto the use of the phrase "send a message" in connexion with drug policy. As Junior Soprano said: "
Take it easy. We're not making a western here!"