Friday, September 12, 2008

Summarit 5cm v Summitar 5cm

It really can be a mistake to wait until Herself goes to bed at night before thinking, oh aye, I'll just have a last glass of wine and a shufty at the Leica lenses on eBay...

It was a mistake the other night because I made the Leica n00b's elementary blunder: confusing a Summitar with a Summarit on the basis of their similar spelling. Numptyism of the first order, no doubt, but we learn from our numptyishness.

The Summarit 5cm f1.5 is the lens I blogged about the other night, the paradoxical one which is said to be soft and sharp, which is looked at askance (we are told) in Leica iconograph, but appears to be secretly loved. Look at this from a Flickr photographer called bach tran, and the rest of his photos tagged with summarit5015. And you can see what people mean about the soft/sharp paradox. But best of all, I think, is the beautiful colour quality - the reds are almost autochromatic. With such a lens, I think I'd use mostly colour, or perhaps xpro.

The Summitar 5cm f2 is a different beast entirely. That's a picture of it below. And here are some Flickr pics with a Summitar5f2 tag. It's collapsible, which is handy if you're out and about. And f2 would be aperture enough in most circs.

The bottom line is, I didn't make so much of a fuck-up as I'd feared at first by bidding on a Summitar AND a Summarit, as I did the other night. The price of both of them, at the moment, is within range. Unless someone with a bigger budget weighs in within the next couple of days, I could have a iiif, a Summarit 5cm and a Summitar 5cm. Fingers crossed.

NB: Incidentally, when linking to or blogging photos on Flickr now, I'm only doing creative commons ones. That way I avoid the paranoid loony all-rights-reserved don't-look-at-my-photos-unless-you-can-pay fuck-off twat types.