Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mespoulet and Mignon: Autochrome

Ireland, originally uploaded by Albert Kahn.

These two French photographers went to the west of Ireland, funded by Albert Kahn as part of his project to take photos of people around the world. Autochrome was a very early colour technique, used to great effect here in Galway where the women traditionally wore these wonderful red shawls and dresses.

I love this photo for all sorts of reason, not least because the young woman here, and the other women in the photos, have bone structure just like Herself's. (She has Irish ancestors, so it's not too much of a long shot to think that her DNA in part hails from Galway).

I've spent a bit of time this morning tracking down decentish copies of these photos - eventually I found that someone's given dear old Albert a Flickr account of his own. Clicking on the photo will get you there.