Thursday, September 25, 2008

Give Us All of Your Money...

...and then fuck off.

Or, "government interference is bad for business" until the shit hits the fan when the capitalist fat-cat twats start miaowing for hand-outs - and not just hand-outs, mind, but "buying above market price", the cheeky bastards.

Naomin Klein's summed it up nicely in The Guardian.

We're right in the middle of this as I blog. The political and big business establishment are stoking up the sense of crisis to hustle this thing through, and they seem to be succeeding. McCain has shown where his true interests lie, fanning the flames for his mega-rich chums. Obama's position is less clear, but it'll be interesting to see which side he decides his bread is buttered on.

I agree with Klein, but doubt that there's time to mobilize before this gets pushed through...