Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jessops v Snappy Snaps

Where was I? Oh yes...

Just down Byres Road from Hillhead Subway station there's a Jessops, and I went in the other week to see if they would dev 120 colour film. No, indeed: "not even colour - you'll have to go to a specialist", and the man gave me the address of a place in Cowcaddens.

Then a week or so later the Subway has to stop at Kelvinbridge, (I think because of temporary flooding - it was absolutely honking it down, and the Kelvin was in a very dramatic spate), and I approached the University from the other side, and went by a Snappy Snaps - not two hundred yards from the Jessops in the other direction.

I got my first ever roll of 120 done at Snappy Snaps in Sunderland, so I went in and asked them if they dev'd it there. Yes. £3.50 for one hour, £2.50 for three. The price of a pint then. (So, did the man in Jessops really not know about this other shop in his doorstep? Or was he not for helping the local competition?)

It gets better. The Snappy Snaps man told me they'd cross-process 120 slide film for £1 extra. We had a detailed discussion about the effect of E6 film on C41 chemicals. He said that slide film would affect their mix, and would lead to underexposures of C41 if preceded by too much E6. So they would do just one E6 a day, and you might have to wait in a queue. It was nice to learn I'm not the only photographic eccentric thereabouts.

And so that's my new project - xpro on the Sporti.