Monday, May 26, 2008

Reshuffle; and Angling into Middle Age

Maybe the reason that some of us blog is that, unlike IRL, you can tidy your virtual self up in half an hour. And that's just what I've done with The Avenue and my Flickr account. Links I never use via the blog have been deleted, all links to blogs have been gathered into one place, and other links have been added to reflect the approaching move to Ayrshire.


And I've started out a new category, "Fishing", which at the moment only links to the BBC's tide and weather information. This is because our new home will only be ten minutes walk from the shore. AND fishing tackle is really cheap in Tripoli. So I'll stock up on stuff to take home. I used to do a lot of fishing when I was a boy. Photography too, now I think of it. Funny how one returns to the habits of adolescence in one's forties. Well, some of them...