Friday, May 02, 2008


I had resolved to not be online whilst on holiday...

But I had a new FED-2 waiting for me, and a load of cheap colour film I'd bought on eBay to enable me to get the hang of it. So naturally I loaded up a roll straightaway and spent a bit of time last night, and more time today, getting the hang of the rangefinder, and the wee diopter adjustment thingy on the left hand side, and generally having a huge time... Until the moment came to rewind the first roll. I tried everything to release it. Useless.

So I had to break the resolve and go online. Where I found a pdf of the users' manual in English. Which is entertaining in several respects, but informative also because I was able to rewind and unload the first roll, and load a second. And that's me, I'm getting to love this camera.

The rangefinder was hard to get the hang of at first, until I discovered the wee diopter adjustment. I've got the hang of it, but it'll take a bit of using to do it quickly.

It feels lovely in the hand. Utterly different to the bulk of an SLR. It's one of those things, no amount of reading can prepare you for the tactile reality.

It came, unexpectedly, with its kit lens (an Industar 26), but I also had an Industar 61 in the post, and I'm using that. The case, which has the strap fastened at its tipping point... I MUST get a working strap to fit on the lugs of the camera itself. I don't think I'll use the case much, except for travelling. It does look good, though. And does it's job of protecting the camera, even if it does seem more than capable of looking after itself.

The number's 802789. It's older than me. And the case has that sharp, sweet smell of old people's houses. Perhaps it's lain in its case, in a drawer, for years. It's a bit scuffed so it must have seen use, once. I'd love to see the photos it took. Its former owner would think... what, of its new life? Now there's a thought you couldn't have about a new-smelling DSLR.

No really, this is me not here, see yous when I'm back in Tripoli. Inshallah.