Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Developing Idea IX

I love using my FED-2. And it's a good job I got a second one by mistake. The first one came from The Ukraine, and has a nasty light leak. I had thought it was flare, but it's definitely a light leak...) The second one looks almost new. It came from a UK seller on eBay. The rangefinder wasn't working, so I tweaked it and now it's fine. I have developed a myth around it, that somebody bought it on a visit to the USSR, was flummoxed by the dysfunctional rangefinder, and put it away in a drawer where it lay for fifty years. Or something. Actually, I shot a roll of Jessops everyday colour 200 ISO, which I haven't collected from the developer yet - so I'm crossing my fingers that it too doesn't have a light leak... I'll pick up the developed film tomorrow.

But of course the whole thing is pointless without a film scanner. I've got three 35mm rolls developed from the light-leaking FED 2 (and not every exposure is affected, I can tell), plus a couple of rolls of cross-processed I took with the Chinon, and a roll of 120 from the Kodak. All in gloriously tantalising negative.

The cheap scanner I bought was a serious blunder. Anyways, it would only do 35mm. Luckily, I'm going home for another short holiday soon, so I can go back to the drawing board so far as a scanner's concerned. I like the look of the CanoScan 8800f. And these things are much cheaper online, I've learned. So order it, pick it up at home, and hope it travels well.

I've also learned patience. Which is something you don't get with digital. Besides, I really ought to put photography aside for a few weeks and get cracking again with my second language acquisition research for the MA.