Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spies and Economics

In one of the later Music of Time novels, Nick Jenkins remarked on the pleasure of re-reading, as you got older. He was right about that. I've REALLY enjoyed, during the last few weeks, re-reading Le Carre's Karla trilogy (I refuse to call it "The Quest for Karla", it's too cheesy).

Herself likes police series: Morse, Rebus, Frost. George Smiley is a lot like them: a dysfunctional personal life, he's subject to moral qualms, he has a complex relationship with authority, he's adored by subordinates...

My head into the spy genre, I read voraciously Agent Zig Zag last week. That was a cracking story - if it had been a novel, one would have thought it too far-fetched. And the astonishing incompetence and sheer weirdness of the Nazi Intelligence service is breath-taking. One of Zig Zag's German minders, a morris-dancing Nazi, allows him to parachute into England with thousands of pounds neatly bundled in paper wrappers with "Reichsbank Berlin" written on them.

Deciding to lay off spies for a bit, now it's Freakonomics that I can't put down.