Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kodak 66 Model III

Trying to catch up with as many people as poss afore I head off to foreign shores.

Last night I had a pint with Adam, Oli, Kate and Timo.

I'd lent Kate my Kodak 66 camera ages ago, and she returned it last night, with a roll of film thrown in. I loaded it this morning - very fiddly, but there's a knack to it, no doubt. I've got a feeling that developing will be a lot cheaper in Tripoli, so I'll take the camera with me. (Film development costs are absurd in the UK - especially black and white, which is a much simpler process. One day, I'll have the space to do my own. Meanwhile, I read somewhere on Flickr that these people are reasonable - I'm waiting to hear from them.)

We came up with an idea to have a bit of fun with double exposures: somebody under exposes a roll of 120mm film, posts it out to me, and I do likewise. So we should get ghostly images of Newcastle over camels and palm trees.

It'll pass the time....

Kodak 66 III