Monday, January 21, 2008

A Developing Idea II

Well, now, I'm not so sure about the need for a dedicated film scanner. I've been scanning (pun intended) through the medium format group's discussions and there's a lot of information. Also in the black and white film group.

Here's a lot of technical advice and info.

The bottom line would seem to be, with b&w medium format you can get good enough results on a flatbed scanner at 1200 dpi.

I've spent £7 on eBay and bought a processing tank, (that's it on the left, there). The man says it went in the post on Saturday, so it should be here soon.

I spent a bit of time yesterday reading up my Photography Made Simple book. I need to buy developer, fixer, and a wash. I'll get some in powder form for ease of carrying. I could research the individual chemicals making up the solutions, and buy them even more cheaply...

All of this because I'm becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the pics I'm getting from the d50 - I think I've about reached the limits of its sensor. That's true even if I desaturate them - even playing around in Photoshop, they're always a bit sort of muddy; this photo is a good example:

But I can't afford the sort of digital camera I really want just now, so until I can, I'll branch out into b&w film; it's only the cost of having it developed that has stopped me - until I looked into it and realised how relatively cheap and easy it is to do one's own. Theoretically for now, anyway.

I shot a roll of colour film on the Kodak 66 with The Bairn at the Little Beach the other day. Being colour I'll have to take it to the shop, but I'll scan the negs in myself. When I get to the shop, that is - we've had the virus that's going around, and aren't fit for much... In fact, blogging this has worn me out and I'm away for a wee lie down.