Sunday, January 13, 2008

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

And here are the odds midday today. I got them here. Strangely, Redknapp is still up there. And Keegan, as favourite? Keegan and Shearer together are being touted as a "dream team". Keegan had a chequered career as a manager, to say the least. And of course, Shearer's abilities as a manager can only be guessed at, (though an informed guess would be likely to favour him). The two of them together... It's all somewhat story book, but it might work. On the other hand, they might both like their own way a bit too much. Sir Bobby is to the point, here.

This morning, I told myself I'd blog no more about this until the new manager was actually appointed. But it's got the addictive qualities now of a soap opera - yesterday's pasting only adds to the drama, the underlying feeling that somehow, someday we'll get the management and results that we deserve, and that yesterday's result was just another score to one day be joyfully settled.