Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Latest...

This looks like good news, sort of, because I didn't like the look of Redknapp. Unfortunately, it means that anyone who is approached now knows that they were the second choice. If, that is, we're hearing round unvarnished tales: I suspect there's a lot of spin and flim-flam.

If you deconstruct this statement:

BBC sources close to the 37-year-old Shearer, though, say he is extremely unlikely to take the role as he is happy with his pundit work on Match of the Day

it's actually quite clever. One can be quite happy in a job, yet still be happier to move on to something better... And, of course, he's being asked these questions by his current colleagues.

The link won't make any sense in a few hours, but fwiw, Shearer is now 2nd favourite (after Hughes), at only 7/2 (with Hughes 9/4).