Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Northern Herald

I've stumbled on another local blog, which looks interesting.

Local politics is a thing to avoid. There's only really one party in South Tyneside, the "Labour" party. They've been in charge of local affairs for generations. Nouns like "clique", "cabal", "hubris", "Stalinists" and "shower of bastards" might come to mind. (I wouldn't actually use them, but they might come to mind).

Some people might also say that in addition to the elected cabal, many of the council's bureaucracy's employees are an incompetent, lazy, arrogant bunch of twats, too. Again, I wouldn't say that, but the thought might cross my mind whenever I have any dealings with them.

Anyhow, The Northern Herald attempts to shine a light on some dark places. And as an American judge said (though I can't find the original source for this), "sunshine is the best disinfectant".

Most current is this fandango, wherein some shitehawk thought it would be ok to libel people in a comment on Curly's blog. The IP address tracked back to the very desk where the comment was made, in the council's offices, but the council won't say who it was, or what they intend to do about it.

Didn't I say local politics was a thing to avoid? Unfortunately, local blogging tends to grow out of the local body politic - like fungus growing from the carcase of a fox in the woods. Or something.

What that blog said about chickens is interesting also, but there's not enough time to deal with that now. Later.