Thursday, April 14, 2005

This Wild About Gardens is a great idea, although at first blush the site could have had more detailed information and links. “Our” garden at the flat has become almost entirely wild since the woman in the flat upstairs told me that she considers it a shared garden; legally, she might be right, but anyone in the garden could look straight into our windows, and I was just about to renovate it. So I said “bollocks to it” and left it wild last year. There are a lot of nettles and docks now. A goldfinch has been here nearly every day to feed on the old thistles' seed pods – they are perhaps the most beautiful British bird. And I’ll continue planting the hedge I started two years ago; there are nineteen hawthorns, four sea buckthorn and two gorse to go in; the alders and dog roses already there are doing well. Next year, if I’m spared, I’ll fill up any gaps from the elder cuttings I’ve planted at the allotment.

Speaking of which, I put off going to the allotment this morning for a whole load of reasons. I then decided I’d go and got my old togs on, and the rain started. So I resigned myself to a morning farting around on the laptop, doing [maybe, possibly] a [little bit of] housework… and now the rain’s stopped. Hmm.

And I’m going to change that picture in the corner. However striking the image might be initially, I’m sick of the sight of my own fat head. The new picture’s much prettier.