Thursday, April 28, 2005

first thing we do...!

If you read what that malleable blighter was saying, carefully, the advice he gave on the 7th March 2003 was: "Don't be daft! You can't bomb the shit out of people just like that!" Apparently, ten days later he said "Oh, alright then."

A mathematician went for an interview for some Big Cheese kind of job somewhere and the interviewer, a big cheese himself, had hit upon what he thought would be a good lateral thinking question to sort the wheat from the chaff. So the last question was: "How much is two plus two?" The mathematician thought about it from every angle, and eventually said: "four!". A philosopher went for the same job, and was hit with the same question. She eventually wrote a book and made a packet on the whole malarkey, but for our purposes her answer was "four". A lawyer was up for the same job and got the same tie-break question. He stood up to check that the door was locked; closed the blinds; then he sat down and said quietly, "how much do we want it to be?"

I once was a lawyer, by the way. "But that was in another country; and besides, the wench is dead."