Friday, April 22, 2005

Blind; in Chinatown.

This feels a bit like talking with a blindfold on, and a diminishing sense of reality, as if you'd just swallowed a load of some psilocybin species of fungus.

And the reason for this is, I can't view my blog in Firefox OR Explorer. Fuck knows why: fault at blogspot? Some weird kind of trojan or virus or what the fuck? I can view the dashboard and posts and comments (thanks, Laoha, by the way), and could even change the template, if I'd a mind. But I can't view my own fucking blog! It's as if one entered one's own home and became suddenly blind and deaf. Repeatedly. And some.

'Scuse the bad language.

Anyhow. Tonight we went for a buffet meal in Newcastle's Chinatown. Lau's was recommended (though Fiona had some unsubstantiated anecdote involving Environmental Health officials). But there was a queue right out of the door, so we went across the road to a place whose name I unforgivably didn't make a mental note of [I'll find it out and blog it, because...] It was most excellent.

The deal is, you pay £7.99 per person, and then eat as much as you like. So we had, over the course of two hours, chow mein, spicey vermicelli, mussels, sweet and sour chicken, and pork, beef and mushrooms, chips, a sausage, pineapple fritters, some wee things in filo pastry I couldn't identify, rice, beef curry, pineapple, lychees, mango, banana fritter and ice-cream. Washed down with a cheap and cheerful white wine.


We'd had a beer in Tiffany's on Westgate Road before the meal, and I've taken a pic of the view from that pub's door, which I'll post if I can remember how to.