Wednesday, April 20, 2005

stiff joints and not a brassica planted

See? I knew somebody would be for making Benedict 16th into 'gloria olivae'. And that led me onto this, which pitches us right into the Book of Revelation and the Whole Nine fucking Yards. What's truly scary is that a lot of the Top Knobs in the States are Born Again Dumb All Overs, and actual world events are perhaps being dragged into this framework.

Today we got the results of some important blood tests vis a vis the Approaching Piglet, and all's well, thank God.

The mysterious virus, or whatever it's been, is abating somewhat:- I'm feeling elderly today, rather than geriatric, as I felt yesterday; so I'm hoping to get back to allotmenteering tomorrow. And comfort myself that I have five years yet to get it into full production, before the Great Famine, that is. Better get on with the cabbages, then.