Saturday, April 09, 2005

"It's a scandal!" "It's a circus!"

My unglamourous form is now recovering from two days of extreme gardening, and the Pregnant Wifey [hereinafter the PW; she doesn’t want me to post her name or photos on the web ‘in case nutters see them’; hmm…], is busy studying, so I’m listening to music and surfing.

There’s something endearing about this Canadian woman, if you ignore the cat-photos. I loved her description of her in-laws at Easter, and the picture of her 1st thing in the morning.

Indeed, that’s something about which I’ve been thinking: the blog as Real Life. That might sound like a contradiction, this is cyberspace after all, but the fact that blogs are done without the authorities telling people what they can or can’t write about means you’re getting close(ish) to the way people are. Sincerity’s a great virtue.

And for fun there’s Magical Trevor I and II. And the same site has an updated, football-based badgers; unfortunately, I can’t find the link to the original badgers animation.

There’s an election on, somebody said? And the heir to the throne is getting married? And the Pope in Rome’s dead? (YAWN). The news round our way is that, following the shotgun malarkey at the Long Bar (named the ‘Royal Oak’ by visiting journalists), the place has been closed down by the police. Which seems rather unfair – the landlord didn’t invite the gunman in, did he?

The Old Man and I called in there a week or two ago for a quick Sovereign. I overhead a middle-aged man say to his friend “… I’ve never been one for drinking spirits.” And the friend muttered, darkly, “Oh, I have…” :-/ Adding it all up, now I understand the last two lines in Circus.

Seriously, we’re experiencing a whole world of anticipation, hope and fear. That Life Before Birth programme on Channel 4 the other night was stunning. That’s us starting week 15. PW’s never been what you’d call ‘ a big eater’ until now, when we’re frequently involved in fruit frenzies.