Saturday, April 23, 2005

d'ye blong Jarra, like?

The Election has come to Jarrow, seemingly, though blink and you'd miss it; posted through the door by the same person came leaflets from our incumbent MP, Stephen Hepburn, and the Tory hopeful, Linkson Jack.

I say hopeful, because he must be an optimistic sort standing as anything other than Labour in Jarrow. On his wee brochure, there are pictures of him standing outside Cleadon Village Post Office, and looking out to sea at Marsden. Somebody might have pointed out that these attractive sites aren't actually in Jarrow, but in the next-door constituency of South Shields. There is also a picture, sans Mr Jack this time, of the Jarrow Comprehensive school which Stephen Hepburn and I both attended - as contempararies, I might add. That gives you some idea of the impossibility of the Tories' task here, and also the reason why there's negligible electioneering going on: local man, Labour... It's in the bag.