Tuesday, April 12, 2005

hawking my skills around

Here’s a link to a webcam in San Fransisco showing a peregrine falcon’s nest; the story is, the eggs are about to hatch.

Today I’m officially a doley: I’d put off signing-on in the hope that Something Would Turn Up, but unfortunately Something’s off sick and Nothing’s been sent in his place. As the PW seems to be doing ok, we’ve even thought about another 10 weeks in bloody Libya. The horror, the horror… Tonight I’m off to a “Recruitment Event” for an agency which employs all of the part time lecturers in the area for FE colleges. I’d love to get even a few hours a week, teaching immigrants perhaps.

And there’s the allotment. Making slow and steady progress with the digging. Everything’s so late though. Apparently, gardeners tend to live longish because they always look forward to next year, when, of course they’ll do things better.