Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Hedge

I've been waiting a week for the hawthorn seeds on the study windowsill to germinate. There were 400 seeds, calculated by their weight. I suspect I'm going to get maybe 100 plants from them. Whatever hasn't germinated after a month or so on the windowsill, I'll bag up and put back in the fridge for a month or so.

Anyway, the point is, hawthorn is going to be an important element in the hedge(row), but probably less than 50% of the total. So I'm rowing back, now, from calling it a hedgerow, and it'll hereafter be called The Hedge.

Essentially, I've got about 80 yards of boundary to play with, and I may as well make it a work of art. So far, that's 50-ish soft fruit bushes. And then however many gorse, alder, rose and hawthorn germinate this year.

I plan to add some holly, maybe 10 or so bare-rooted next winter, (it sounds like a right to-do, growing it from seed). And I want silver birch, because they were one of the first trees I learned the name of when I was a little kid, and also because of their symbiotic relationship with toadstools. And any other hedge-worthy plant which has a role and a story to tell.