Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Brief Note on the Allotment Whilst Briefly Putting the Literature Review to One Side...

Mornings, I need to clear the mental decks of allotment thoughts to enable me to get back to the academic work. Regarding the latter, something happened yesterday in the early afternoon. The shackles came off, the mojo came back, and I rediscovered my academic register. It's nearly 6 years since I finished the MA, and it's taken me since October to get back into it, which is why I'm working now on a 2nd resubmission of what should have been a straightforward section from the Literature Review. But I'm in the zone now, at last, and beginning to enjoy it again at last.

So, allotment. A to-do list that I can put to one side for the next few days, before cracking on next week, (I might get there on Sunday, see how things go):

  • Finish grubbing old fruit bush area and rake/hoe NE bed, so that the OFB area becomes history;
  • Plant spuds;
  • Tidy up SW corner, levelling, moving woodpile and oomska;
  • Re-establish compost heap in NE corner;
  • Clear rubble from Midwest bed, riddle it;
  • Level SW bed;
  • When it next rains, burn that big ugly pile of rotten wood that's been an eyesore for weeks now. I'm going to burn it on the SW bed, home of ground elder.