Saturday, March 12, 2016

July '15 to March '16

I think the upper photo was one of the first I took. That was in July last year. And the lower I took yesterday, with trembling hand after several hours barrowing oomska, (which you can just see in the upper right hand, SE corner, of the plot). 

The path's a bit straighter, and quite a bit higher, and the jungle to the left has been razed. You can't really see in the top photo, but at that time the NW bed, (right fore- and middleground) use to slope down to the West. Now it runs down towards the path, Eastwards.

Although barely apparent in a photo, that's what has actually been occupying me for months, just getting the plot to lie properly, so that the excess water runs down towards and under the path, and into the pond.

I'm looking forward to blogging a 3rd photo in a month or two, with lots of lovely crops growing, at last.