Monday, March 21, 2016

News From the Front in the Ground Elder War

Grubbing at the old fruit bush area, and the SW corner, once infested by nettles, I've noticed the emergent ground elder seems to have a symbiotic relationship with nettles at the roots. I've been collecting the nettle roots, therefore, to burn them. Ground elder has popped up along the old fruit bush area, but also in the NW bed. The significant moving around of tons of earth has had the effect I'd feared but expected of spreading it.

The earth I move from the far SW corner is heavily invested, and I'm planning a bonfire on top of the moved earth, which might help. This year I suppose it's a matter of gathering intelligence about it, seeing if anything works. Mostly I'm going to be hoeing weeds, which is from what I read liable to make it worse. We shall see...