Monday, March 09, 2009

Chemistry Revisited

I blogged about this in November.

It is to be hoped (crosses fingers, touches wood, say a wee prayer) that, inshallah, I'll be at home more next term, and I'm planning to develop a roll of 120 a week at least. I've got a wee bit of Perceptol made up and waiting for me in the darkroom lobby press but that's nearly done now. So I'm after making up my own mix in d76 or id11 proportions.

Retro photographic just aren't cutting the mustard, here. They seem to rely on a bunch of stripey shirted wankers to process their payments, and twice mine has been rejected for no good reason, (no, really: there's nothing more frustrating to have a payment refused when you know your well and truly in the black, thanks very much). Fuck 'em.

Silverprint had everything but Borax, you may recall. But you can get Borax here, at the reassuringly named G.D. Parker & Co. The downside is of course extra postal charges if you go to more than one supplier. 400g of Borax is costing £1.69 at Parker's, with £2.50 p&p. Here's the other stuff, copied from the order page.

Stock No.DescriptionQuantityValue
74677HYDROQUINONE 25g £1.34
94389METOL 25g £2.49
87869SODIUM SULPHITE 500g (anhydrous) £2.64

With vat and postage, that comes in at just shy of £15. So the whole gig (including the Borax), which will make 5 litres, is coming out at less than £20. And you get an absurd amount of Borax - it has other uses, so it shouldn't be wasted.

Incidentally, the links to digital-truth on the earlier post are now broken, but you can get the recipe for D76 and ID11 here.

FOOTNOTE: Silverprint has a minimum order of £25. So it's back to the drawing board or buy more...
FOOTNOTE 2: I can probably get Borax from B&Q or one of those places. Save on the postage.