Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Decent Burial of Commercial EFL Text Books

This course is evolving so quickly, it's difficult to keep up.

On Tuesday, at our short informal coffee-break staff-meeting, we discussed the fate of the book. It's not going to be used much more - and if we do use it, we'd be doing so for form's sake rather than any real pedagogic purpose. What was decided was to give it a decent burial - so far as this course is concerned - by giving a short lesson on how-to-use-the-book-in-your-own-time.

48 hours later, this discussion now feels like highly significant turning point: we don't need the bloody book any more!

One of course hesitates to blither on about paradigm shifts - there's always the risk of looking at best foolish, and at worst wild-eyed fanatical. But, personally at least, I've crossed a TBL Rubicon.