Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drafted on the train but posted 24 hours later because Virgin are gobshites with only secured wi fi which one can't access - the bastards

Today I met the famous Smoothdude. He’s a really nice bloke. That’s the DMU paradox. We’re very unpleasant in cyberspace, very nice IRL. He took a couple of photos, but being a professional he’s very choosy about what he publishes on Flickr. He’s bloody good.

And that’s my sojourn in Southern England finished for a while. I’m writing this offline on the Glasgow train. It’s so good to be heading for home. /trɔːleɪ/ is how the young woman on the buffet pronounced “trolley” when addressing a compatriot, but the English got /trɒl iː/, I noticed. I nearly came over a bit Scottish myself when a drunk in the buffet was complaining he’d been given his change in Scottish money.

I don’t know if I’ll be back in the East Midlands after this week, which was agreed some time ago as a holiday. Following MC’s extraordinary outburst on the phone, and my follow up email, who can say what will happen? She was supposed to come through to Aeronautical University this afternoon, but her car broke down, (we were told). She has the bully’s way of lying low when confronted. The shit.

I use the word “holiday” in its loosest sense. I’ve got the Mod5 to finish. And four items for World Famous Exam Board.