Friday, November 14, 2008


After the disappointment I go with Delta/Pereceptol, I'm looking at the recipes in the Digitaltruth Photo Formulas and Data page. Therein one learns that ID11 is exactly the same as D-76. That's the recipe for me, anyhow.

Next, then, we go to the Silverprint Store Raw Chemicals pages. And here's the shopping list with prices:

Metol: 25g: £2.93
Sodium Sulphite (Anhydrous): 2.5kg: £12.41
Hydroquinone: 25g: £1.57

Unfortunately, Silverprint then fall down on the job with no granular Borax.

Retrophotographic have it, though, and the rest as follows:

Sodium Sulphite: 500g: £3.15
Hydroquinone: 100g: £3.99
Metol: 25g £3.49
Borax 100g £3.69

I'll also need some distilled water from the auto-store shop on Raise Street.

Very roughly, overall, that's going to work out at £2 a litre. Not bad, eh?

I've got enough fixer to last me a while, so I'll get on to that later.

And as for film, I'm going to get a couple of bulk loaders (really cheap on eBay), and have one loaded with HP5 for day, and another with Fuji Neopan 1600 for night.