Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chemicals AT LAST

I've been on line to Silverprint and bought...

Stock No.DescriptionQuantityValue
34480HYDROQUINONE 100g1£3.47
741SODIUM SULPHITE 2.5kg (anhydrous)1£7.81
98593METOL 100g1£8.25
711SODIUM THIOSULPHATE 2.5kg Anhydrous [AKA Hypo]1£10.00
Net Order Value£38.81
Total VAT£5.82
Total Order Value£44.63

It's a significant moment. I've bought enough developing and fixing chemicals to last me for... several years, probably. Ten litres, at least of developer, so that's, er, a hundred rolls of film? Or something. Sorted. A vast landscape of experimentation and foolish buggering about with old cameras and out of date film is opening up.

NB: I need to get borax from B&Q or one of those places.